Use Cases of likeoholic

Monitor competitors

You are in a market with many competitors who are regularly active on Facebook? Then set up a dashboard and add your competitors:

From now on you know when your competitors Facebook-Fans increase and decrease. Then you can analyze what has caused this growth. Was it a Facebook post, or a newsletter (which you have previously subscribed to) or an action on the website ...?

Find out now, when and how your competitors are generating new Facebook-Fans.

Just for fun!

It does not always have a business case behind it: Simply create a dashboard with your favorite actors, athletes, clubs, favorite shows, ...

There is a new "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!" or a new "Celebrity Big Brother"? It would be interesting to see when each person is increasing or decreasing in popularity?

The imagination knows no limits! Set up a dashboard with a background image, colors and transparency and publish your individually designed dashboard, so that others can access it, see the development of the Facebook-Profiles and can discuss about it.


Hourly requested Like-Numbers

Likes are extracted and stored once per hour.

Grouping on Dashboard

Create a dashboard with Facebook pages

Detailed analysis of each Facebook-Page

You see when a page has changed and how

Customizable Dashboards

Choose a background image, color and transparency for your dashboard

Publish dashboards

Share the dashboard with your friends and talk about the changes

Have fun

See the development the Facebook-Fans

What does an account cost?

A Likeaholic account is free of charge. Everyone can watch up to 10 Facebook profiles for free. You should, however, sign up once a month at Likeoholic because accounts that are inactive for more than 30 days will be deleted with all dashboards and Facebook-Pages.

How long is the data stored?

To ensure that our database is not too crowded and the evaluations remain clear and fast, the hourly polling results are held for 3 weeks. After that time, some datapoints are deleted and only a part of them still remain:

Younger than 3 weeks: 24 entries per day
Older than 3 weeks: 2 entries per day
Older than 5 weeks: 1 entry per day
Older than 7 weeks: 2 entries per month
Older than 9 weeks: 1 entry per month